Leisure and cultural activities

There is in Nantes a lot of local organisations which acts towards integration with sport, theatre, art, music…

Here are some examples of structures that can help you meet new people in Nantes.

Our local partners

Here are some of our partners that we recommand for their welcoming of internationals.

  • Accueil des Villes Françaises is an organisation planning outings and courses in various topics so that newly arrived people in Nantes get to know each other. Mainly french speaking. There is a group “young professionnals” quite active. 
  • The Greeters is a team of volunteers of all nationalities who will make you discover Nantes in a very personal and personalised way. You may become a greeter yourself! 
  • Erasmus Student Network is the Erasmus student network organisation. French and international student join in to organise “multilingual cafés”, parties and events for the local students to meet and support each other.  
  • Vélocampus gives you the opporunity to rent a bike during your time in Nantes. They also plan for cycling trips and workshop to mend your bike with an international atmosphear.  
  • Accès au cinéma invisible works to promote fims less seen and less screened, mainly in orginal version. Movies are shown in many different places in Nantes, outdoor in the summer!  
  • Junior Chamber international: a group of volunteers from 18 to 60, developping projects for the local community.

All these structures welcome volunteers all along the year, feel free to enrol!

Finding a local society

The city council has identified numerous local sport clubs and associations whether for music, painting or other leisure.

To find one suited to you, please check on the following website

Cultural places in Nantes and around

There is in Nantes a wide network of places dedicated to culture and entertainment. Here is a non exhaustive list of some to find events you may like in the area.

Each neighbourghood in Nantes has a Maison de Quartier with each their programme of workshops,  exhibitions, concerts, local parties… Find them here 

For shows:

For museums and art galeries, please check the list on the following page. In France the entrance to museums is free every first sunday between September and June.

Please find all other cultural places on the link here.

In Saint-Nazaire

In Saint Nazaire, please have a look at the link for local organisations: