Raoni ROCHA – Brazil

Doing a CIFRE fellowship in Nantes

raoni-rocha témoignage

«I have said it but I am repeating it: we, foreign researchers in Nantes, are very lucky to benefit from the MCE and especially the ladies working there with a lot of passion and efficiency. »

Raoni ROCHA – Brazil

My name is Raoni Rocha, I am Brazilian and I am 33 years old. I am a PhD student in Ergonomics at the University of Bordeaux and attached to a R&D projects with ERDF-GdF of the Pays de la Loire. My research is about developing a culture of security within companies where risks are present.

I arrived in Nantes by chance. Actually it is because of my field of research that happened to be in the Pays de la Loire that I arrived in Nantes. I am very grateful for that since it gave me the chance to discover a surprising city: very lively, young, green, rich culturally and historically speaking, with an intense day and night life. From the beginning I have been very happy to get to know places like the LU and the Duchess Anne Castle, to get some drinks with friends in the Bouffay pubs or at the Hangar à Bananes, to do sport along the Loire or the Erdre, to take part in the Classical music nights at the Cité des Congrès, to travel in the books of Jules Verne or just simply to walk around the city center.

More than that, as a foreign researcher, I got to meet extraordinary people at a very special place: the House for foreign researchers (MCE).

First I find the kindness and competence of the women at the MCE who have helped me a lot in the administrative paperwork. I discover for instance that everything about my residence pemit can be solved without even going to the Prefecture ! (I have lived in Paris for two years and was used to long waiting lines and staff bad mood, so the application in Nantes was something I really appreciated.)

Also, through some formal and regular appointments at the MCE, the women have supported me a lot with various other topics: finding accommodation, getting round the city center, socializing with the other PhDs, any other practical information. I have said it but I am repeating it: we, foreign researchers in Nantes are very lucky to benefit from the MCE and especially the ladies working there with a lot of passion and efficiency.

At last, I’m at the end of the PhD and when going back to Brazil I will also keep good friends and fond memories of that marvelous city!

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« It is common that when we arrive in a new city, we have many challenges to face but the best part here in Nantes is that you do not face them alone, we have the help of organizations such as Chercheurs Etrangers à Nantes who have the solution to almost every problem you face including visa, language or knowing your new city, etc. »

Gaganpreet BEHRH – India

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« It is not easy for anyone to leave their country, their culture … the difficulties are immense: the official papers, the language, housing, health insurance, school, etc. but this could be much more difficult if we did not have the interest of this society to have us here and the fantastic support from the association Chercheurs Etrangers à Nantes, its cultural activities of integration, language courses, personal contact and document processing along with local authorities, assistance in obtaining social insurance among other things, were crucial for our stay here. »

Fernando SABOYA – Brazil

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« The organisation facilitates procedures to obtain the residence permit and makes it easy to communicate with the Prefecture. They help with the preparation of the application and make it quicker by being the intermediary between the Prefecture and the researchers.»

Ali NOUR EDDINE – Lebanon

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Ana VILLARES témoignage
« MCE did not only offer me an apartment totally equipped (internet, daily press, etc.) but also gave me the opportunity to get in touch with the city and the surroundings and to meet other people in the same situation as me. »

Ana VILLARES – Spain

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