The MITRY family – United States of America

Nantes University

famille-mitri témoignage

« The staff was extremely helpful and always very pleasant to deal with. Everyone always had a ready smile for us, which made us feel at home. »

The MITRY family – United States of America

Our family came to Nantes from Rome, Italy by way of the Western part of the USA (Arizona and California). We originally came to Nantes because my husband was a Visiting Professor at the Laboratoire de Planétologie et Géodynamique at the University of Nantes.

We found the accommodations at the Maison des Chercheurs Etrangers pleasant and comfortable. The room was a comfortable size for our family of three and our son had plenty of room to play with his toys which included his train set. The room even provided an extra bed in the form of a foldout sofa.

The staff was extremely helpful and always very pleasant to deal with. Everyone always had a ready smile for us, which made us feel at home. The central location was one of the best benefits of the Maison and we had many pleasant after dinner walks downtown. The location is surrounded by shops and restaurants and is very close to the tram, which was really convenient. In addition, it is a good starting point to visit all of the museums and other historical attractions that are in or near the downtown area. Also the staff at the Maison always had good suggestions about recreational activities in or near Nantes. We really enjoyed our stay here and appreciate the kind service we received.

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« It is common that when we arrive in a new city, we have many challenges to face but the best part here in Nantes is that you do not face them alone, we have the help of organizations such as Chercheurs Etrangers à Nantes who have the solution to almost every problem you face including visa, language or knowing your new city, etc. »

Gaganpreet BEHRH – India

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« It is not easy for anyone to leave their country, their culture … the difficulties are immense: the official papers, the language, housing, health insurance, school, etc. but this could be much more difficult if we did not have the interest of this society to have us here and the fantastic support from the association Chercheurs Etrangers à Nantes, its cultural activities of integration, language courses, personal contact and document processing along with local authorities, assistance in obtaining social insurance among other things, were crucial for our stay here. »

Fernando SABOYA – Brazil

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« The organisation facilitates procedures to obtain the residence permit and makes it easy to communicate with the Prefecture. They help with the preparation of the application and make it quicker by being the intermediary between the Prefecture and the researchers.»

Ali NOUR EDDINE – Lebanon

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Ana VILLARES témoignage
« MCE did not only offer me an apartment totally equipped (internet, daily press, etc.) but also gave me the opportunity to get in touch with the city and the surroundings and to meet other people in the same situation as me. »

Ana VILLARES – Spain

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